NaNoWriMo Software and Help

I’ve found these writing resources to be helpful.


My favorite word processor for NaNoWriMo. I mentioned the virtues of Q10 in this post.

Word processor that focuses on scenes. I briefly reviewed yWriter in this post.

Liquid Story Binder
Planning and writing utility for authors. I loathe and love LSB at the same time. See why here.


Luminotes Personal Wiki
Helpful for world-building. You can create articles and link terms between them. Pretty powerful for writers with large worlds to remember.

Write Or Die
Set your word goal and time you want to complete it in. If you stop writing, the screen turns red and babies cry at you.

Story and writing help

Science fiction realism helps keep my sci-fi credible. Maybe this doesn’t matter to a space opera writer, but the articles on this site have helped me both plan and edit my main bookseries.

Fantasy Name Generator
I’ve named many, many characters with this site.

Holly Lisle’s Workshops are full of great general writing advice to remember.

Lisa Gardner’s Tricks of the Trade include two sets of lectures: one for publishing your novel, the other for writing it. The writing lectures are for romance novels, but writers of other genres could learn from her, too.

Need Help with Your Novel Outline?

Great post with ideas and how-to book suggestions for planning your novel.

Useful Books

No Plot, No Problem by Chris Baty
Of course.

Writing Fiction by Janet Burroway
This book has helped my style more than any other. It’s expensive but worth it.

Sell Your Novel Toolkit by Elizabeth Lyon
It’s about publishing, which is thinking a little far ahead, but it’s a resource that keeps me focused on the reader and saleability down the road.

  1. mnemehoshiko says:

    Wow…this is intense and very useful. *starts taking notes*

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