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Raina Khatri and Laurie Halse Anderson at the DC ALA conference

This summer I had the opportunity to intern at the American Center for Physics once more, this time diving into the Center for History of Physics. It was, shall we say, different.

I blogged my experience once a week here: It was a summer of reading, writing, and pointing lasers at pigeons. The final product of my summer toil, a historical web exhibit on space science, will be online in a month.


I just read this article from io9: Is the Large Hadron Collider Being Sabotaged from the Future?

Plausible. Quite plausible, and fun to ponder. But, unless time travel in the future works like the method in the Terminator ‘verse, in which you can only go back or forward¬† in units of whole years and therefore can’t exactly control where you show up in the past, the much easier way to stop us from observing the Higgs boson would be to make sure the LHC were never built. I would think cutting funding or stamping out support is far easier than disabling the machine once it’s built. Plus, we wouldn’t seek to repair the LHC and continue experiments if it didn’t exist. (more…)