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I’m strongly considering buying Write or Die‘s Desktop Edition. I used the web version all morning, but I find myself wishing I could save my work right there instead of copying and pasting little chunks from the web browser to my main document. It looks like the ten bucks would be well worth it: full customization of your own prodding, stats, interactive with other users.

We’ll see how desperate I get.


I took a moment to assemble some of my more useful links to writing resources and added them to my blog. You can check out the page here: NaNoWriMo Software and Help.

I’ll add more pages as I find them, particularly tutorials and writing strategies.

Happy writing!

It’s a personal quirk of mine to never write my novels in Microsoft Word. There’s no reason for my snobbery. I just think it’s more fun to write in other programs instead. Word is for making your manuscript presentable, not writing it.

For the past few years I’ve used Q10, but this year I’ve been hesitant to do so. I was introduced to the wonders of Liquid Story Binder and yWriter last March for NaNoEdMo. As a result I’ve been bopping between the three, looking at pros and cons. (more…)